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The Evolution of Canine Social Behaviour - Roger Abrantes

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The Evolution of Canine Social Behaviour - Roger Abrantes

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The Evolution of Canine Social Behaviour - Roger Abrantes
This book is a detailed study of the evolution of the canine social behavior. The author leads the reader, step by step, through the various aspects involved in the development of single social behavior patterns. This book is also a comparative study, where the reader is lead from one argument to the next with mathematical precision. A surprising book, dismissing common believes and assumptions, and leaving the reader with simple sound explanations. A book for all students of animal behavior wishing to uncover the whys and hows of canine social behavior. ‘The idea of dominance-aggression is biased. It is possible to be aggressive and dominant, but the term suggests the dog attacks because it is dominant. No dog attacks because of dominance. Dominance aims at controlling another by means of ritualized behavior, without harming or injuring it. The final attack if there is one is motivated by aggression alone. Saying that a dog is a fear-biter is equivalent to saying that the dog does not behave purposefully. By saying that the dog shows submissive-aggression we simultaneously answer the question of how to solve the problem. The dog is submissive, which means reacting to a threat by another, giving in, and surrendering. It only becomes aggressive because its behavior does not have the desired effect. The dog is then under threat and ready to react by flight or immobility. If flight is not possible, it may freeze. Some do and die. Others resort to their last defense, they attack, and then the drive of aggression takes over. This situation is easily avoided by accepting the dog’s submission or allowing it to flee.
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Auteur Abrantes, Roger
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